I’d like to inform about meet up with the Backwards-Speaking Girl

I’d like to inform about meet up with the Backwards-Speaking Girl

Meet With The Backwards-Speaking Woman

Meghan Shea is an university student by having a talent that is odd she can read and talk backwards. Host Liane Hansen speaks to Shea about her uncommon linguistic capability, and sees a couple of tips.

MEGHAN SHEA: (Talking backwards)


Is it possible to know very well what our visitor says?

SHEA: (talking backwards)

HANSEN: she is maybe not talking a language that is foreign she is talking English – but backwards. Meghan Shea is a biology pupil in the University of new york, but she is be more recently referred to as woman who are able to shift her message into reverse. Meghan Shea joins us now through the UNC campus in Chapel Hill, new york. Welcome to the scheduled system, Meghan.

HANSEN: whenever do you find that you had been able to talk backwards?

SHEA: it was discovered by me sophomore years of highschool. I became riding the coach to college 1 day and a pal ended up being conversing with me personally and I also understood that i really could begin to see the terms that she ended up being saying backwards.

HANSEN: Really? You can very nearly see them in your head?

HANSEN: can it be real you as soon as had a trained instructor whom made you recite the preamble towards the Constitution backwards?

HANSEN: might you accomplish that for all of us?

SHEA: Certain. (talking backwards)

HANSEN: that is Meghan Shea doing the preamble to your Constitution backwards. Have actually you ever taped your self chatting backwards and then played the tape?

SHEA: we have actuallyn’t. Many people have actually tried to do that though also it doesn’t work, since the mixing of this letters backwards is unique of it will be forwards. Like in the event that you had a term which had G-H-T at the conclusion, like light, I pronounce all of the letters, therefore, backwards it could be thgil, which isn’t planning to appear exactly the same forwards.

HANSEN: Now, that you do not do the sentences backwards, you are doing each word that is separate the phrase backwards.

HANSEN: Wow. It is much more complicated than I was thinking. Therefore, are you able to state or can you show me personally to say it is NPR Information?

SHEA: Certain. Okay. Therefore, this would be si-hi-tah. And it is is si. NPR is RPN.

SHEA: And news is https://datingreviewer.net/gay-dating/ swen.

HANSEN: Swen. Okay. Meghan Shea, also called the backwards talking woman, and she joined up with us through the University of new york Chapel Hill. Meghan, thank you quite definitely.

HANSEN: Si-hi-tah si RPN Swen – it is NPR Information.

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